Local areas gear up for severe weather


samantha storm shelter

The city of Eutaw opened up storm shelters for residents in need Tuesday amid the threat of severe weather. Greene County used the R.H. Community Center to help residents take cover for the incoming storm.

Community Center Director Lorenzo French said they would be expecting a few people as the night progressed.

Hale County Emergency Management Agency Director Russell Weeden said they briefed all their elected officials and first responders and opened up shelters.

“Throughout today we haven’t received any rain, so that cools things down. So I feel like our area is still very stable and has a lot of unstable air in it. So we are really watching the storms over in Mississippi right now, because they can certainly ramp up when you come across the state line,” said Weedon.

Weeden said they are expecting a good bit of rain and several rounds of storms to come through.


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