Huntington Archery

NORTHPORT, Ala. — This weekend 15 Huntington Elementary School students will travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to compete in the World Archery Tournament. These fifth-graders started to get involved in archery in their third grade P.E. class.

Huntington started offering archery five years ago when head coach Anita Davis became certified to teach. The sport is open to students who are in third through fifth grade.

While archery is fairly new at the school, it’s already made an impact on the kids. Parents are trying to convince middle schools to add the program to their physical fitness classes. Huntington qualified for Worlds after winning the regional and state tournaments and placing high enough at the national tournament.

Huntington will be competing in the elementary division with over 8,000 teams in attendance. Even though each athlete pulls his/her own individual bow, it is a team. Coach Davis is feeling the butterflies fluttering as they prepare to head to South Carolina this weekend.

“We really look at Alabama’s competition, and we did place fifth in the state so we do have teams that have done really, really well at nationals, and so we are looking at their scores and how they did and we really want to try and improve our scores,” Davis said. “We may not be first in the world, but if we improve our scores, that’s really what I focus on.”

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