Poverty Simulation

By WVUA 23 Web Coordinator Jade Carter

First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa hosted their first community action poverty simulation for their church members.

Alabama is the sixth-poorest state, with nearly 900,000 people who live in poverty. The interactive experience helps those who have never dealt with poverty understand the hardship it brings, and gives the community a chance to interact in the church.

“Through this poverty simulation not only are we learning to connect our stories here at our congregation as a enter generational event but also to understand the stories of our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the state.” said Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries Neeley Lee.

“I think there is the old adage you don’t really understand someone until you have walked in their shoes. I think this is an attempt to experience what persons in a different living situation what their life is like.” said Rev. Lou Ann Sellers.

The simulation has interactive exercises including jail, the police department, juvenile hall and handling health care. Those experiences help increase participant’s understand of those living in poverty.

The program also helps students learn how they can help those who are less fortunate.

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