Little sister to donate bone marrow to brother with Aplastic Anemia

Shelton and Paisley Milligan should be starting the 7th and 5th grades, but instead they’re headed to Children’s Hospital where Paisley will donate bone marrow to her big brother who has Aplastic Anemia.

“He cannot produce blood,” family friend Tammy Plowman said. “His blood cells eat each other up. He has had to go in the hospital several times this summer to get blood as well as platelets.”
After Shelton’s diagnosis, his older brother Archie and younger sister Paisley were tested to see if they could donate their bone marrow to him.

Paisley was a perfect match. “It’s great,” Paisley exclaimed.

Donating bone marrow is huge sacrifice for anyone, especially a ten-year-old. but Paisley said she is honored to help save her best friend.

“I know it is hard, but I look on the bright side,” she said. “I am kind of fine with it. I think it is bringing us closer together.”

Big brothers usually think of themselves as the protectors over their little sisters, but Shelton said his little sister is a big hero in his eyes.

“I appreciate that she is doing this for me,” Shelton said.  “I think she is really brave doing this.”

As for their support system here at Sipsey Valley Middle, they’re cheering on the Milligans and counting down the days until Shelton and Paisley can be back with them at their school.

Shelton will undergo chemo treatments this week and the bone marrow transplant will take place next Wednesday.



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