Lillie Leatherwood adds grand marshal to her awards list

Lillie Leatherwood

Lillie Leatherwood has taken on many titles during her time in Tuscaloosa. On Saturday, she’s adding Grand Marshal of the University of Alabama’s homecoming parade.

“It feels really wonderful,” she said. “I know there are a lot of legends here at the University of Alabama. I am honored and grateful to have this opportunity to represent the university in such a manner as being grand marshal.”

Leatherwood said she recalls spending a lot of her time while at the capstone at the track.

She made history at the 1984 Olympics, winning a gold medal in the women’s 4 by 400-meter relay and becoming UA’s first female Olympic gold medalist.

Not to mention she still holds the UA record for that relay after making it in 1987.

“l know it would take a lot of dedication and hard work.  When I came to the university, that is exactly what I did. I would get up and do extra workouts in the morning and it all ended up paying off by doing a lot of extra hard work,” said Leatherwood.

When her time at the capstone was complete, Leatherwood started a new chapter in her career at the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

A big part of her role at TPD included working with some of our city’s youngest citizens at the Police Athletic League gym. PAL is a program that promotes the prevention of juvenile crime and violence by building relationships among children.

Life has slowed down a lot for Leatherwood since her retirement from TPD.

She now gets to focus on the important things. That includes her family, volunteering and staying fit.

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