Life Size Game Night At Ua


Reported by WVUA 23 Reporter Olivia Dance
Written by WVUA 23 Digital Reporter David Williams III

To promote an alcohol-free lifestyle on its campus, the University of Alabama’s University Programs hosted a life-sized game night for students.

The event was part of University Programs‘ Tide After Dark, which hosts similar events on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on Alabama’s campus. The events are held to help keep students out of trouble and promote having fun on campus without alcohol consumption.

“It’s part of our alcohol-free alternative initiative,” University Programs Events Coordinator Shemaiah Kenon said. “So basically, we create our Tide After Dark series to help combat the alcoholic related offenses on campus and we’ve yielded that significantly so we’re just trying to make our mark and impact our campus as positively as possible.”

Hosted in the Ferguson Center, the game night had classic board games and life-size versions of these games for students to enjoy. The games ranged from Connect Four, Operation, Uno, chess and many others.

University Programs on the Capstone campus hosted a game night tonight in the Ferguson Center for all students to attend but this event was different than your typical game night. The life-size version of the games gave students a more interactive experience with games they grew up playing and was a comfortable environment for students to make friends.

“I’m playing some games with my friends,” Alabama student Trokelle Innis said. “I’m excited for Operation because I like that on a small scale, so it’s like life-size, so I am excited to play that.”

For more information on the upcoming Tide After Dark and university program events, you can visit the UA events calendar at

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