Library bookstore encouraging parents, teachers to stock up on 50-cent books

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Peyton Newman

When thinking of back to school shopping, most people consider how much parents are paying. But teachers often wind up spending even more.

That’s why Friends of the Library is hosting an event to help reduce the cost of classroom books for teachers. Books are priced at 50 cents each, significantly lower than other retailers. The goal is to help teachers stock their classroom libraries as cost efficiently as possible.

The bookstore is a part of Tuscaloosa Public Library and aims to help the community in any way it can. It accepts book donations and will resell them to customers for just a couple dollars, or, even, less.

Judy Spadoni, volunteer employee of the bookstore, said that her favorite part of the event has been helping new teachers fill their first classroom library. Spadoni explains why this is so important.

“Well, because, the teachers don’t have that great of a salary,” Spadoni said.  “And, to have to invest as much money as they do in preparing their classrooms and doing the things that they do. Anything that we can do to help them and provide them with books that we…definitely want kids to be reading as much as they can.”

Almost one in five children do not have their own book at home, according to the National Literacy Trust, making classroom libraries their sole access to reading materials.

Northport Elementary School second-grade teacher Kaycie Baker shares that students will perform better on tests and in the classroom when they have spent time reading.

The National Reading Campaign also shows reading can help with skills outside of the classroom. They report that reading can benefit mental health by reducing stress 60% when reading just for six minutes. Thus, making access to books is crucial for many reasons.

Baker said that students must have adequate access to books.

“It’s important because not all kids are able to have books at home,” Baker said. “So, the more books that the kids are accessed to, the, like I’ve said, better readers they’ll become. It’s important to have texts that relates to them, that’s fun, and that they enjoy to read.”

Stock the Classroom runs through Aug. 5. The bookstore is still accepting book donations, whether new or gently used.

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