Carbon Hill

In Walker County, another group is calling for the resignation of Carbon Hill Mayor Mark Chambers after comments he made on social media that went public.

Growing up gay in Walker County, Champagne Girten said she knows what challenges the gay community faces and how comments like the Mayor’s can affect them, their families and their jobs.

“It’s one of the reasons like I mentioned before, I have gay friends in Carbon Hill that are afraid to speak out,” Girten said. “One of the reasons they are afraid to speak out is they know they can lose their jobs or their house or their kids and that’s not something the want to risk so it creates like a hostile living environment.”

Hometown Action has started an online petition for the Mayor to step down at Meanwhile, the Mayor has apologized for his comments and said they were taken out of context.

The Carbon Hill City Council is set to meet June 17 in the Council Chambers.

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