Lewis sentenced to life without parole in Jennifer Nevin’s murder

Koran Lewis will spend the rest of this life in prison. He’s the man convicted of shooting and killing 23-year-olf Jennifer Nevin in 2017.

“It’s been a grueling six years for all involved,” said Jennifer’s brother Will Nevin. Monday that final chapter came to a close. “It is just a sense of relief. That is the best way I can phrase it. I feel so calm and happy and relaxed after two weeks of anxiety and sadness.”

After he was convicted of capital murder last week, the penalty phase of Lewis’ trial was supposed to begin Monday.

However, over the weekend the prosecution and defense were able to work out a plea deal.

The death penalty was taken off the table and Lewis was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. That sentence comes in exchange for him agreeing to waive his right to appeal his conviction.

“I was torn on the death penalty,” Nevin said. “It would not bring my sister back.”

Three people were charged in this case: Vida Confetti, Kendrick Marshall and Koran Lewis.

It’s no secret that drugs and drug use have been at the center of this case,” said Nevin. “I’m glad the jury was able to see past my sister’s addiction and give our family some justice for Jennifer.”

So many families in this case were torn apart by drugs, Nevin said.

“I can’t put meth in prison,” he said. “I can’t be angry at meth. I can be angry at Koran Lewis. He certainly deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail. I know he would not be there if not for illegal drugs.”

Nevin said he encourages anyone who needs help fighting a drug addiction to get it before it’s too late.

“Try to get clean,” he said. “It is hard work, but your life may depend on it.”

Nevin’s mother passed away after Jennifer’s death, not knowing what would happen to her daughter’s killers.

Nevin said he was determined to see this through until the end for both of them.

“I think she would be happy, too,” he said. “She would be happy that it’s finished. I just wish she could have lived to see this day.”

Marshall and Confetti pleaded guilty in 2022, and were sentenced to life in prison.

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