Letting your car warm up in the cold? Thieves might thank you


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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

Heading to work at the crack of dawn in the colder months means many drivers get their cars started up and running so the windshield can defrost and the seats aren’t ice-cold. Or they leave the car on when making a quick stop. But that’s a lovely invitation for thieves, Tuscaloosa Police say.

Tuscaloosa Police Capt. Kip Hart said car thefts happen the most at gas stations and apartment complexes.

“Another trend that has started over the past few years, with push-to-start technology is people will leave their key fobs in the vehicle and people will come check door handles,” Hart said. “If they see it’s a push to start vehicle they will try and see if it will crank. Of course it does with the key fob in the vehicle and then they leave with the vehicle.”

If you feel the need to warm up your car before taking off, keep these tips in mind:

  • Have a second key and lock the car as it’s warming up
  • If you’re at a gas station or convenience store, turn off your car and come back
  • Always take your keys inside, especially with keyfobs

Hart said he always recommends residents lock their cars take valuables inside.

If you or someone you know happens to get their car stolen, call your nearest police department to report your vehicle stolen. Keep copies of your registration and tag number inside your home so you can provide that information to police.

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