Gun And Bullets00000000

More and more guns are being stolen and ending up in the hands of criminals each year, including here in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama lawmakers are hoping a new law with stiffer punishments will whittle those numbers down.

In the past year, 12,000 unlawful breaking and entering of vehicles were investigated and 74% of those vehicles were not locked at the time of the incident. From those 12,000-plus vehicles, 223 firearms were stolen, likely ending up in the hands of criminals in the area and in other communities.

Alabama legislatures recently passed House Bill 375 into law, making it a class C felony to possess a stolen firearm. District 70 Rep. Chris England voted in favor of the change.

“There is no other alternative. If you steal guns and get caught, you are going to jail,” England said. “I think our district attorney here in Tuscaloosa County is going to go with his own policy and do whatever he can do to enforce that and our law enforcement is going to do whatever we can do to get these guns off the street.”

On average, three cars are broken into every day in Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Police want you to remember: Lock it or lose it.

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