The survivors of Sunday’s Tornadoes in Lee County are still grappling with the devastation throughout their small community. The search for survivors still continues.

Opelika Fire Department Chief Byron Prather said they have not given up hope.

“They’re searching, not mainly for somebody but searching areas that have large piles of debris, searching through that debris to make sure that we missed nobody,” Prather said.

The cleanup process has begun. Lee County officials are asking anyone in the area who can volunteer their time or resources to step forward and register with the local government.

Lee County EMA director Kathy Carson wants residents to know they are ready.

“Tell us what those needs are, that’s what we are here for. That’s what we want to hear. We can’t help you if we don’t know what you need,” Carson said.

In all, 23 victims have been identified. Four of those are children.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris said he thanks the community for their help.

“It’s a tragic situation. I can’t thank this community enough for jumping in there, and the support that I’ve seen first hand, it’s just been amazing,” Harris said.

Earnestine Reese, 72, is thankful she survived but received a broken hip during the tornado.

Her daughter Lashawn Wilson said she is proud of how her mother has handled the situation.

“She’s been strong throughout it all. Even in the middle of the devastation, she has maintained her faith,” Wilson said.

To help Lee County victims, consider donating at wvua23.com/donate.

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