Buddy Bench00000000

Leadership Tuscaloosa is battling bullying by offering school kids a place to sit down.

The organization has raised enough money to place a so-called “Buddy Bench” at every school in the Tuscaloosa City and County school systems. On Wednesday, a bench was installed at Rock Quarry Elementary.

Education experts believe having a place to sit and talk with a friend is a great way to combat bullying.

“What they are is just a bench for a playground,” said Leadership Tuscaloosa’s Brandt Lapish. “It’s a great symbol saying, hey, everybody’s your friend, even though we don’t look alike we’re all on the same level. It’s just a starting place to have a conversation. That’s what’s really important in this community.”

If you’d like to know more about Leadership Tuscaloosa and their community service projects, call 205-391-0559 or visit alpleaders.org.

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