‘Launch Day cast takes final bow in Tuscaloosa ahead of national competition

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Peyton Newman

Theatre Tuscaloosa performed “Launch Day” for the last time in town as a benefit show before it heads to a national competition in Kentucky this week.

The final show offered a chance for the group to get some last-minute funding ahead of the journey to Louisville this weekend for the American Association of Community Theatre Festival.

To get to this competition, Theatre Tuscaloosa got through competitions at the state and regional level.

“Launch Day” was written by a playwriter in Chicago, and Theatre Tuscaloosa was chosen as the first group to perform it.

Theatre Tuscaloosa Executive Producer Tina Turley said she’s honored and excited to be the first theater showcasing this production.

“Doing new work is always an exciting thing for the theater community,” Turley said. “We’re always looking for ways that we can continue to be better at our craft. And, doing a new work really gets you in the most creative mindset because nobody else has done it before, so you get to do it the way that you conceive it.”

The group is competing against 11 other productions over four days in Louisville later this month.

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