Latest variants sparking updated COVID-19 vaccines

Updated vaccines may be coming to slow the spread of the latest COVID-19 variant.

The new versions are expected to perform better against the now-dominant omicron subvariant BA.5.

The White House expects to begin a COVID-19 booster campaign with retooled vaccines in September.

Pfizer and Moderna have promised they can deliver doses by this time timeline.

Dr. Robert Posey with Medcenter South said they have seen an increase in cases, and he thinks this updated booster would be helpful.

“This BA.5 appears to have a way of avoiding the immune system and has evolved into that you are still feeling much better protected if you are vaccinated but the new variants that are being discussed and I think are in the works are more specific to the later variant the ones we are dealing with now. So, I think a vaccine related to that would be more effective.” said Posey.

People who experience a resurgence of COVID-19 following treatment should again isolate for 5 days and wear a mask for 10 days.

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