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valentines day

By WVUA 23 Reporter Rory Turner

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and will have shoppers buying last-minute gifts that can range from chocolate and stuffed animals to jewelry and flowers. Jewelry stores around Tuscaloosa have deals for last minute buyers and folks shopping on a budget.

“We got some great specials that are like, Valentine’s Day specials. Some gorgeous little necklaces, things like that, that start at like, $39 from there. So any kind of price range you want, we have it,” Nancy Dawkins said. Dawkins is the owner of Nancy and Co. Fine Jewelers.

An estimated $5.8 billion will be spent on jewelry for this year’s holiday.

Flowers will also be bought tomorrow for Valentines Day. Local flower shops in Tuscaloosa will have many deals and events for people looking for arrangements at the last minute. The Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe teamed up with Arts ‘N Autism for the 11th year to help raise money for their cause.

Art ‘N Autism, a nonprofit organization that helps people with autism from ages 18 months to adulthood, offers art classes, music classes and and many more.

“What’s really special about the event is all delivery fees and tips are donated to Arts ‘n Autism, as well as we have heart cards that are for sale and that money is donated to Arts ‘N Autism,” Arts ‘N Autism events coordinator Ally McNeill said.

The event will end tomorrow. For more information, visit their website at

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