Lake View residents celebrating after sewer amendment passes

The city of Lake View wanted accountability for their frequently rising sewer bills. And on Tuesday, they got it.

In a statewide vote Tuesday, residents overwhelmingly passed an amendment to place the city’s privately owned Tannehill Sewer System under the oversight of the Alabama Public Service Commission.

Randy Price has lived in Lake View since 2016.

“I don’t think there is a sewer system in the state of Alabama that charges this rate,” Price said.

His sewer is $126 each month. That’s sewer service only. No water, no garbage. Just sewer.

“About February of every year, your sewer bill will go up $6 to $7 and it is not based on water usage,” Price said. “So I imagine that our bills are scheduled to go up again in February 2023. What this does to that, I don’t know.”

Lake View Mayor Adrain Dudley said there have been many problems with the current sewer system’s operation.

“One of the problems is arbitrary rate increases that don’t relate to anything that can be substantiated,” Dudley said. “Issues with customer service, those types of things. Sometimes people would get bills for things they didn’t know about. Exorbitant reconnection fees.”

The amendment passing is a huge milestone for the city, but Dudley said the road ahead is a long one.

“I am happy it passed,” he said. “I would like people to understand that it is just the beginning. There are several things we have to do with the PSC to make sure that everything is effective. ”

Residents hope the new law will facilitate better days ahead for Lake View residents.

“Well, it would lower our sewer rates I hope,” Price said.

“Well what we are hoping is once the PSC starts to regulate things, we are hoping they look at the rates and they can identify a rate structure that will be more beneficial for the residents that live here as well as to require that there be some customer service for the customers in our area,” Dudley said.

The change will go into effect Jan. 1.

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