Labor Day travel tips: Buckle up and save your life

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Avery Boyce

With a three-day weekend, many people will find themselves celebrating on the water, at a cookout or on the beach. No matter your destination for Labor Day, it is important to keep travel safety in mind.

Cpl. Reginal King with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said with holidays we can expect even more cars on the road, that is why it is important to have a plan.

King said he recommends having an alternate route to your destination in case your primary route is detoured due to a crash or roadwork. He also wants drivers to know that before you get in the car make sure your tires have plenty of air, windshield wipers work and have fluid, and the lights on your car are working properly.

Besides making sure your car is ready to take you to your Labor Day weekend destination, there are other measurements to make sure you and your passengers arrive safely.

“Everyone needs to be reminded that the single most effective tool that the vehicle is equipped with to keep you safe if you were to be in a crash is a seatbelt,” King said.

He also noted the seatbelt needs to be worn properly. If it has a shoulder strap it should be placed across the front of your body, not the back.

While it is not a crime to drink on the holidays, it is a crime to get behind the wheel if your blood alcohol content is higher than legal level. King said if you do plan on drinking, know who will be the driver.

“Be responsible, have a plan and we would like that plan to include not just a designated driver but a sober designated driver. Contrary to beliefs there is a difference,” King said. “A sober designated driver is someone who is not consuming any alcoholic beverages.”

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