Kentuck Park Trash


Kentuck Park is known for its nice facilities and beautiful landscape, but lately, its reputation has been soiled by a growing trash pile that is overflowing out of a dumpster located toward the back of the park. Over 100 garbage bags are lying next to the dumpster and animals have strewn the contents over the ground while bugs and vermin are running rampant.

Not only is the site an eyesore, but its repelling parkgoers away with its stench.

“It was a nice park at one time,” frequent park-goer Carla Thomas said. “We would have birthday parties for the kids here on a regular basis. But unfortunately, the horrible smell that is coming from this trash has canceled birthday parties in this area. I can’t eat cake with that smell. We just couldn’t enjoy it. It’s definitely an eyesore. It’s disgusting looking.”

The city of Northport is taking action on the dump site, according to Northport City Administrator Bruce Higgenbotham. They will be picking the trash up this week. He is disappointed that the problem has gotten out of hand.

“There are plenty of ways to dispose of your own trash,” Higgenbotham said. “If you live in the city we provide a pickup service. it’s a shame we have a public facility we are dealing with this issue right now. ”

Thomas believes that the dump could have been avoided if other park-goers were more responsible with how they disposed of their trash.

“Clean up your mess,” Thomas said. “Think about other people. We enjoy Kentuck Park but we can’t enjoy it with all this sticky stuff out here all the time.”

Northport will be working with Warrior Baseball, who rents the property, to put a permanent end to the illegal dumping, according to Higgenbotham.

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