Keeping plants is easier than you think

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By WVUA23 Digital Reporter Melanie Bumpus

Spring is approaching, which is the perfect season for the many people who are turning into “plant parents.” Plants are a great hobby for anyone who can’t own pets or who finds joy in bringing nature to their surroundings. They are a great way to escape the outdoors while keeping a piece of them in your home.

“Indoor plants provide an opportunity for you to bring a bit of greenery inside your home, enhance a space decoratively, and can be beneficial to your mental and physical health,” said Jessica Watts, owner of Tuscaloosa’s House Plant Collective.

Many University of Alabama students like to keep plants in their dorms or apartments. House Plant Collective and other local nurseries are a great place to go to learn more about owning plants.

“Typically, we recommend beginner plant parents to start with pothos, ZZ plants, or snake plants. Each of these can function in low to medium light areas and require waterings when the soil is completely dry. Succulents and cacti can also be a good option as they prefer bright sunlight and little watering,” said Watts.

Snake plants are a great suggestion for college students or people who want to own plants with minimal responsibility.

“Snake plants are the best because they thrive off of being neglected,” says UA student Melanie Rupple. “I got my first snake plant when the pandemic started, and she has grown so much from when I first got her. I probably only water my snake plants once every month or so, just whenever I remember. They are also great because they put off oxygen and can act as an allergy repellent.”

If you are interested in getting hands-on tips, House Plant Collective offers classes on plant keeping.

If you need help with your plant care journey, there are apps, such as Blossom, that remind you to water your plants, see what plants your friends are growing, and provides information to identify plants around you or see if your plant has a disease (yes, that is a thing!). There is also a journal feature that allows users to track their plant care routine.

Check out this calendar from House Point Collective to see their awesome events and to find out more information about plants.

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