By WVUA 23 Web Writer Alaina Upman

Justin Ross Harris is on trial this week in Georgia, for a felony murder charge for the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper Harris. Cooper was left in Harris’ hot car for seven hours on June 18, 2014, when Cooper should have been at daycare. Harris is being accused of intentionally leaving his son in the car.

Leanna Taylor — mother of Cooper — and Harris divorced earlier this year, because Harris cheated on Taylor multiple times. While Taylor said she tried to be a stronghold for him after the death of their only child, they could not keep their marriage in tact. They had tried counseling when their son was still alive.

“I just very bluntly one night and said, ‘Do you want a divorce? If you want a divorce you can have it, I will give it to you if that’s what you want,’ ” Taylor said. “I believe the answer back to me was that’s the last thing I want. I do not want that.”

Before Cooper died, Taylor and Harris recently had moved to suburban Atlanta in 2012 from Tuscaloosa.

Taylor took the stand for almost five hours on Monday, explaining that her former husband was an involved father. She was a witness for the defense, and continues her testimony today, with cross-examination.

Prosecutors claim that Harris killed his son deliberately to escape the responsibilities of family life. Taylor said Harris was always a dotting father who wanted to be involved with his son’s life, and wanted to stay part of the family.

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