Justice for Jennifer: Brother relieved after life sentence in sister’s murder

Jennifer Nevin is finally getting justice after her brutal death in 2017.

Late last month, one of the three people involved in Nevin’s death pleaded guilty to capital murder. Vida Milagro Confetti-Duenas will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole for her part in Nevin’s beating and shooting.

The others accused in her case, Koran Rashad Lewis and Kendrick Ky’Andre Marshall, are also charged with capital murder.

Nevin’s brother, Will Nevin, doesn’t live in Tuscaloosa anymore, but his sister remains on his mind and in his heart five years after her killing.

He came back to Tuscaloosa County two weeks ago so he could witness Confetti-Duenas’ sentencing, and said life in prison is exactly what she deserves.

“She is never going to see another day of freedom in her life,” Nevin said. “I could see her saying her last goodbyes to her friends and family and I couldn’t help but think that was not an opportunity we got with my sister. I think the sentences are fair, whatever fair might be here. And the closest thing to justice we are going to get.”

One down, two to go, Nevin said. And he’s seeking justice for Jennifer, his parents and the child she left behind.

“I know this weighed a lot on my mother, who died last year,” he said. “I know she would want to see the end of this. She would want to know that these people are never going to be free again.”

Since his sister’s murder, Nevin has been open about Jennifer’s long battle with substance abuse. Even now, he’s hoping her story can help other families who are struggling with a loved one’s addiction.

“My sister had what turned out to be a deadly mix of bipolar and substance abuse and it just led to increased risk-taking and hanging out with the wrong crowd,” Nevin said. “There are a lot of people who have these problems. A lot of people appear to be functioning and high achieving, and we don’t know they are suffering. I would ask everyone to be a little mindful of the problems people are experiencing and have to go through.”

As for Jennifer’s son Joshua, Nevin said he’s doing well.

“I have watched her son grow up,” he said. “He was just elected class president. He is becoming a handsome, wonderful young man. I can’t help but think about her every time I see him and how proud she would be of him. She would want to be here with him. She’d want to take him to his karate tournaments and see all the things that he is doing these days. As he grows older, we will certainly tell more of her story. Joshua is in a good place. All we need now is justice.”


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