Judge Nullifies District 7 Election; Cassius Lanier Says He’ll Run Again

Tuscaloosa’s District 7 City Council race is once again undecided after a Jefferson County judge ruled the winner was not eligible for office at the time of the election.

Cassius Lanier, who won against District 7 City Council Member incumbent Sonya McKinstry, was pardoned on April 13 for five criminal offenses he served prison time for more than a decade ago.

The judge ruled that Lanier was not eligible to run for the election because he was not pardoned before the election on March 2.

The decision means the election results are void and the vacancy will be filled as prescribed by law. That means the city will be setting up a special election for the District 7 race.

Because Lanier is now pardoned for his former offenses, he is eligible to run for public office and said he will do so in the upcoming special election.

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