During Monday night’s Northport City Council Meeting, the Council named current Human Resource Director Joseph Rose for the City Of Northport as Interim City Administrator.

Rose will remain HR Director.

He will also hold the title as Interim City Clerk and Interim City Treasurer.

The change go into effect January 1st.

Currently Charles Swann is Interim City Administrator.

He will will retire effective December 31st.

The City will contract with Swann as Interim City Administrator..

He will only handle the budget and be the Appointing Authority on a part time bases.

The Council is also asking the Alabama Legislature to Amend the position from Northport’s Civil Service Act.

“This particular position needs to be contract as oppose to an employee that is under Civil Service. It was a big move on behalf of the Council. We’re going to do it the right way” says District 2, Northport City Council Jay Logan.

The council hopes to name a Permanent City Administrator by March, 2017.

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