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doug jones

Alabama senator Doug Jones held a press conference today to discuss how the state is holding up during the coronavirus pandemic.

After voting to pass the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act last week, Jones said the biggest problem our state and nation may be facing is a lack of personal protective equipment.

“States are competing against each other against FEMA for life-saving equipment,” Jones said. “That doesn’t need to be this way. We should do better. We can do better. States are requesting different amounts of tests and PPE and are just simply not receiving them. In Alabama, we are waiting on 20,000 new testing kits. We need millions. There is an alarming lack of tests in the under-served African American communities and there is not enough information on how these communities are going to get tested.”

Alabama has asked for 1 million N95 masks and 2 million surgical masks. According to Jones, FEMA is sending 152,000 N95 masks and 362,000 surgical masks in three shipments.

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