In an effort to provide hope during this trying time, Gov. Kay Ivey kicked off the Ribbons of Hope campaign this week. The campaign encourages people to tie ribbons around trees, poles or mailboxes. Ivey said participating and tying bits of colorful fabric for others to see will symbolize hope.

“Tie a ribbon, whatever color, around that post as a symbol that we’re sharing with one another,” Ivey said. “Our prayers, our faith, our hope and unity.”

Ivey tied the first official ribbon on a tree in front of the capitol. Rev. Kyle Searcy, who attended the event, talked about what it meant to him.

“I can’t touch my brother right now, but my faith and his faith can join together,” Searcy said. “My prayer and his prayer can join together. My hope and his hope can join together. There can be 4.7 million points of lights coming up from Alabama touching and God moves when there’s unity. These ribbons of hope can remind us, every time you see one, release faith.”

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