It’s Tennessee Week, and That Means Cigars are Flying Off the Shelves

Tennessee Cigar Tradition

By WVUA 23 Contributor Micah Ward

It’s the third week in October! That means Alabama vs. Tennessee football week, but it also means a longstanding post-game tradition: the cigar.

It’s tradition that Alabama fans and players smoke a victory cigar after beating the Tennessee Volunteers.

This tradition was started by late Bama trainer Jim Goosetree, who was also a Tennessee alum.

He handed out cigars after the Tide broke a seven-game losing streak to the Vols, marking the beginning of a tradition.

R&R Cigars looks forward to this weekend every year, and they’re offering up a special twist for Tide fans looking to indulge.

They’re selling a 10-pack of cigars made especially for this week.

“I’m smoking this Padron Damaso,” said Reagan Starner, owner of R&R Cigars. “This is my favorite cigar. I smoke this thing every day. I’ll be smoking these on the game day because it’s something different, it’s something unique that I can’t smoke any other time.”

These cigars were made for smoking after the Tennessee game, Starner said.

“So I’m going to smoke this thing this weekend because once after this weekend, you’ll never be able to find them again,” he said

The 10-pack retails for is $100, and some proceeds from the sales of these commemorative cigars will be donated to the West Alabama Food Bank, Starner said.

You can find R&R Cigars on 2703 6th St. Tuscaloosa, AL. 35401.

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