It’s not a Bama game, but bars go all-out for Super Bowl Sunday

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Kennedy Chase

The NFL rarely overshadows the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa, but Super Bowl Sunday is the exception. Local restaurants and bars like Spades Restaurant and Lounge and Innisfree Irish Pub spent weeks before the big game beefing up staff and ordering enough wings and beer for the masses.

But it’s not just about offering a spot to watch TV and eat. It’s about making memories, said Spades manager TK Perry.

“It’s an experience you haven’t had before,” Perry said. “(Spades) is an experience.  No place is like this in Tuscaloosa.”

Tuscaloosa resident Jashira Sullivan, who was celebrating her 40th birthday weekend at Spades, said she feels right at home.

“Most of the establishments in Tuscaloosa I feel cater toward the younger audience.,” Sullivan said. “I feel like this establishment caters to my age group. We still like to go out. We still like to have fun.”

Innisfree manager Nick Snead said the Super Bowl is the restaurant’s biggest event of the spring season.

“Fortunately, the (University of Alabama) has expanded its students and where they’re from,” Snead said. “We’ve been fortunate to have students who are from out of state and are fans of the teams in the Super Bowl.”

Even hours before kickoff, Bengals and Rams fans were already there, just waiting to cheer on their team at their pub of choice.

Innisfree customer Daniel Glemser said the environment hits just right.

“I think it’s a good mix,” he said. “It’s not too crazy with it being like a crazy club with big lights and everything, and it’s not boring either. So it’s a really good mix to just hang out, have a couple of beers with the fellas and just take it easy.”

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