Itching to start spring garden cleanup? Not so fast

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Spring gardening is an exercise in patience.

The longer hours of daylight might have you itching to start gardening. But hold off on clearing away last year’s leaves and stalks.

Doing your spring cleanup too early removes beneficial insects that are sheltering there.

Without them, there’s less food for birds and fewer flowers and vegetables later.

Many experts recommend removing plant matter only after several days of 50-plus-degree temperatures.

Also beware of mulching too early as it can inhibit plant growth.

And premature fertilizing can hurt the lawn and the environment.

But there is one gardening task that’s perfectly suited for early spring. Now’s a great time to repot houseplants.

The longer days are stimulating them to resume actively growing.

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3/22/2023 9:03:12 AM (GMT -5:00)

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