Is your child being bullied? Tuscaloosa counseling center has resources to help

TUSCALOOSA – A Tuscaloosa counseling center is bringing awareness to bullying this month. October is anti-bullying awareness month. reports one out of every five students in the United States between the ages of 12 and 18 says they have been bullied at school.

Counselors said that bullying can have a toll on a child’s mental state and could affect their self-esteem. Bullying not only affects the child now but it can affect their actions and feelings toward different situations in the future. It could also make them less willing to meet their dreams and goals.

Family Counseling Services Director Larry Deavers said it’s important that children make connections.

“One of the things that make kids easy targets by bullies is being alone,” Deavers said. “So if kids can make a point of being with their friends, doing things with a buddy, and trying to avoid being alone it will help minimize some of that.”

Deavers also encouraged teachers to let students know that they are here for them and are available to help if they are being bullied. “It is very important for the teacher to listen to the child’s concerns so that they be very supportive,” said Deavers.

All states have anti-bullying legislation. When bullying is also harassment and happens in the school context, schools have a legal obligation to respond to it according to federal laws.

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