Is Tornado Alley shifting to the south?

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Savannah Denton

The advancement in weather tracking technology now allows meteorologists to study trends and changes in weather patterns. Tornado Alley, is located in the Midwest plains and is traditionally where tornadoes are the most frequent in the United States. But, have you ever heard of Dixie Alley?

Tornado SeasonDixie Alley stretches from eastern Texas into Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Studies from the past few decades indicate these states are now the new hot spot for strong and violent tornadoes in the nation.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham reports April as the tornado peak in our state.

“What we are trying to message to people these days is that we don’t have a severe weather season, severe weather is possible all year round here in Alabama. But you really need to be on guard from November into May,” said NWS meteorologist Chris Darden.

In Alabama there have been 64 tornadoes and 311 severe weather incidents already in 2023.

WVUA 23 News Chief meteorologist Richard Scott said tornados in the south can be more deadly than those in the Midwest.

“The good thing about tornado alley in the plains is that it is wide open, so you can see from miles and miles and there may be a tornado that doesn’t hit a single structure. When you go to Alabama, yes there are some rural parts but there’s houses everywhere compared to out in the plains. So, if you have a tornado go anywhere in Alabama chances are its going to hit a home, and it could cause a threat to life and property,” said Scott.

The anniversary of one of the most historic outbreak in Alabama is in April. On April 27, 2011, more than 250 people were killed across the state, including 53 in Tuscaloosa County.

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