Investigators searching for culprit behind spikes at event


Investigators are still searching for the person or persons who covered the parking lot at NorthRiver Yacht Club in tire spikes during a weekend party for Warrior Met Coal employees.

At least six vehicles were damaged when drivers ran over the homemade spikes.

Tuscaloosa Police said that while it’s impossible to say who’s responsible until their investigation is complete, they are looking at the possibility of sabotage in relation to the United Mine Workers of America’s year-and-a-half-long labor strike against the business.

“Right now it is just criminal mischief,” said TPD Capt. Kip Hart. “It could span into something else. Perhaps if they roll it all in together it could be one felony criminal mischief depending on the type of tires and things like that depending on how the court would make it one serial act of something like that.  ”

Investigators are asking anyone who was in the area Saturday night who may have information or surveillance video that could assist in this investigation to please contact the Tuscaloosa Police Department at 205-349-2121.

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