MOUNDVILLE, AL — Copper, a 10-month-old hound mix appears to be getting around just fine today, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks for him and his family.

“I could never imagine myself shooting a dog,” Jessica Roycroft told WVUA 23 reporter Chelsea Barton. “It hurts my heart honestly,” she said.

Roycroft says she and her mom have come home on three different occasions in the last six weeks to find Copper bleeding from small scattered wounds.

Their fenced in backyard is where they believe someone is harming Copper. Roycroft said she knows of no reason why someone would want to harm her pet.

“I’ve never had any problems with him,” she told WVUA 23. “He’s never tried to hurt me or anybody that I know. I feel like if they had a problem with my dog, or with one of us they should talk to us about it instead of hurting him,” Roycroft said.

The first time this happened, the family didn’t suspect it was an intentional injury.. until they had to seek vet care. That’s when they told our reporter they learned the wounds were likely from gunfire of some kind, possibly a birdshot shotgun shell.

The most recent instance was=the weekend of November 5, 2017. It was not until then reported to the Moundville Police Department, who immediately launched an investigation.

Corporal Lamarcus Mayes met WVUA 23 at the home where the alleged incidents occurred.
He has a message to the public and anyone who may be responsible for this.

“We depend on the public to report it,” he said. “If it is not reported then we don’t know anything about it. So, if it is happening, if anyone in the community knows it is happening, I promise you as a department we will investigate. If you are doing it, you will be charged. The charge will be animal cruelty. We will prosecute. That is no doubt,” Mayes stated.

Corporal Mayes says Moundville Police have received no reports of gunfire in this area recently.
If you have any information on this case, you’re urged to call the Moundville Police Department at (205) 371-2218

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