Inmates at Alabama prison discuss strike

TUSCALOOSA – Several state inmates at an Alabama prison spoke with WVUA 23 by phone on Monday about a one-day statewide prison strike the same day in protest of their treatment within the Alabama prison system.

Two inmates who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons spoke with WVUA 23’s Mary Barron about what’s behind the strike and what they wish to accomplish as a result.

The Alabama Department of Corrections facilities are in the spotlight lately, with inmates and their loved ones saying they’re not getting adequate medical treatment, have deplorable living conditions and are experiencing unfair parole denials.

The inmates WVUA 23 spoke with said they don’t have clean living quarters and are often stuck without air conditioning. One inmate said they are not given the proper chance to get out and prove themselves, therefore wasting taxpayers’ dollars.

“We have been accumulating all these vocational trainings and everything with accredited colleges and aren’t being able to prove we are educated and reformed,” said the local Alabama inmate.

The Habitual Felony Offender Law imposes greater penalties if a defendant has previously been convicted of one or more crimes. The inmate said the law is unfair and many inmates want to see it changed.

He also spoke said inmates aren’t getting proper nutrition because their meals often aren’t even edible.

Both inmates stressed that strike is nonviolent and they plan to keep it that way. Their only concern is making sure the outside world is aware of the conditions inside state prisons in hopes of seeing some changes.

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