Information wanted for review of 35 Southeastern species

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By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyle Hamrick

Alabamians are invited to provide information and comments on 35 endangered or threatened plant and animal species across the state for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s five-year status review.

The organization needs to hear from the public before July 12, 2022.

Five-year reviews are part of the Endangered Species Act’s process for cataloging species. They help update classifications, and allow researchers to track any species’ recovery for conservation efforts.

The 21 endangered and 14 threatened species up for review are as follows:

Endangered fish and wildlife include:

  • Black Warrior waterdog
  • Puerto Rican sharp-shinned hawk
  • Puerto Rico nightjar
  • Yellow-shouldered blackbird
  • Orangefoot pimpleback (pearly mussel)
  • Boulder darter
  • Pygmy madtom
  • Key Largo woodrat
  • Red wolf
  • Anthony’s riversnail.

Endangered plants include:

  • Alabama canebrake pitcher-plant
  • Braun’s rock cress
  • Catesbaea melanocarpa
  • Florida prairie-clover
  • Gentian pinkroot
  • Longspurred mint
  • Mitracarpus maxwelliae
  • Rugel’s pawpaw
  • Ruth’s golden aster
  • Scrub plum
  • Short’s goldenrod

Threatened Fish and Wildlife include:

  • Inflated heelsplitter
  • Yellow lance
  • Pearl darter
  • Louisiana pinesnake
  • Yellow-blotched turtle

Threatened plants include:

  • Cumberland rosemary
  • Everglades bully
  • Florida bonamia
  • Florida crabgrass
  • Godfrey’s butterwort
  • Higo chumbo
  • Pineland sandmat
  • Scrub buckwheat
  • Seabeach amaranth

To submit information, view the table on this page. For more information, go to

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