By Samantha Auer, WVUA Staff

Giant ant beds are popping up on lawns and in gardens everywhere thanks to heavy rains across the South.

According to the Tuscaloosa County Extension Service, ant problems happen every year.

When it’s dry outside, ants are more likely to enter homes looking for moisture, experts said, but with all the heavy rain ants build mounds to stay dry.

The Tuscaloosa County Extension Service said be cautious of ant killers like baits or bug spray.

“When you’re using those baits, it tells you on the back how to use them,” said Neal Hargle with the Tuscaloosa County Extension Service. “There’s a reason that those instructions are there. More is not better. A lot of people say, ‘Well if it takes this much to do it then I’m going to double it or triple it because I have too many of them.’ That’s not good math,” he said.

For more information contact the Tuscaloosa County Extension Service at 205-349-4630.

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