By Ashlyn Irons, WVUA 23 Student Reporter

BRENT – Two towns in Bibb County are creating a plan to improve fire protection service in both communities.

Brent City Hall hosted a public hearing Thursday about the proposed creation of a fire district in Bibb County. If passed, the proposal will link the Brent and Centreville volunteer fire departments together, and establish professional staff.

Residents voiced their concerns at the meeting. Those concerns could become part of the proposal which council members will review, and use to devise a plan to provide better fire protection service to both communities.

Dennis Stripling, Brent’s mayor, is concerned about a shortage of volunteer firefighters.

Mayor Stripling said, “We’ve operated on the volunteer fire department basis, and in today’s society it’s harder and harder to find volunteers that are willing to get the training and volunteer their time to go out and protect and serve the community”.

Jerry Pow, chief of Brent’s volunteer fire department believes it’s hard for his volunteers to hold down full-time jobs and fight fires.

Pow said, “Because most all of our people are employed, you know we just don’t have the time to come down here and take care of some of the things we need to”.

Mayor Stripling believes the fire district creation proposal will be voted on before the end of 2015.




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