It’s been two weeks since Maria Lucia Cortes Ixtla, 39, and Ascencion Marcelo Roque Jimenez, 36, were killed in a crash on Highway 69 South at Upper Hull Road.

The couple leaves behind two daughters, Edith Cortes Ixtla, 22, and Monserrat Ascencion Cortes, 14, who say they’re desperately trying to return their parents’ remains to a final resting place in Mexico.

Thanks to their community, they’re well on their way. Leticia Torres, who rented a home to the girls’ parents for the past year, is currently allowing the sisters to remain in their home rent-free.

“I didn’t think twice about this,” she said. “Because if my children were in this same situation, I would want somebody to help them, too.”

Monserrat is a student at Hale County High School, and thanks to Torres she’s maintaining a somewhat normal school routine.

Jesse Hall Jr. lives nearby, and said he frequently met with the girls’ father along their shared fence line.

“I know he loved the kids,” he said. “And by talking to him, I knew he was a spiritual man, because he had a sweet spirit about him. And I know their parents are smiling down on them.”

If you’d like to help the victims’ daughters put their parents to rest, you can donate online here, or through an account set up at Bank of Moundville in the daughters’ names.

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