In Ukraine, power plant workers fight to save their ‘child’

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The Associated Press

A POWER PLANT, Ukraine (AP) – When Ukraine was at peace, its energy workers were largely unheralded. War made them heroes.

They’re proving to be Ukraine’s line of defense against repeated Russian missile and drone strikes targeting the energy grid and inflicting the misery of blackouts in winter.

Sometimes at the cost of their lives, energy workers are holding battered power plants together with bravery, dedication, ingenuity and dwindling stocks of spare parts.

The Associated Press got rare access to a plant that has been repeatedly struck and extensively damaged.

Over decades of caring for the plant, its workers have come to love and cherish it like a child.

Seeing it slowly but systematically wounded by repeated Russian bombardments is painful for them.

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1/12/2023 4:39:06 PM (GMT -6:00)

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