In the 5 states without lotteries, a case of Powerball envy

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WEST POINT, Ga. (AP) – The largest lottery prize in U.S. history has people across the country clamoring for a chance to win a mega jackpot.

But in the five states without a lottery, envious bystanders are crossing state lines or sending ticket money to friends and family across lines, hoping to get in on the action.

Five states –  Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska and Alabama – do not have a lottery.

A mixture of reasons has kept the games away including objections from conservatives, concerns about how a lottery would impact low-income families or a desire not to compete with existing casinos.

“I’m pretty sure the people of Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia appreciate all of our contributions to their roads, bridges, education system and many other things they spend that money on,” said Democratic legislator Chris England, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Several times weekly, England hears from constituents asking when Alabama will approve a lottery: “Especially when people look on TV and see it’s (more than) $1.5 billion dollars.”

In 1999, Alabama voted down a lottery referendum under a mix of opposition from churches and out-of-state gambling interests. Lottery proposals have since stagnated in its legislature as the issue is now intertwined with debate over electronic gambling.

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11/4/2022 12:29:46 PM (GMT -5:00)

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