Tuscaloosa, AL (WVUA)-Christianity could be returning to Alabama schools in the form of signs and displays.

Back in February Alabama lawmakers approved legislation allowing ‘In God we trust’ displays on public property including allowing public schools to consider displaying the motto in school buildings and classrooms.

Reba Smith said she’s all for the motto to return to school reminiscing when she use to be in school and actually reading the bible, praying in classrooms and reciting the pledge of allegiance saying ‘under God.’

The act officially went into effect July 1 but come Nov. 6, Alabama voters will decide whether the state’s 117-year-old constitution should be changed to allow public schools to display and promote this form of Christianity including the Ten Commandments.

One mother says even though parts of the South is considered a Bible belt, the law shouldn’t be changed.

“Everyone is not the same religion and we all have different types of religion going to school together,” said Christina Richardson.

But not everyone agree.

“…and nothing, goes on in schools any more, it’s like go to school get your lessons and out the door you go. The ones that do go to a Christian church they need to have that. They need spiritual food just like they need veggies and all that,” said Reba Smith.

Richardson believes the push for “In God we trust” displays would only bring the “separation of church” and “state” groups butting heads creating unneeded friction. She hopes the possible new change gets dissolved before it gets put back into the school systems.

So far no new ‘In God We Trust’ banners has been hung inside a public building in Alabama since 2014. Pending legal battles, Blount County Schools will be viewed as a testing ground for the motto in Alabama.

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