If you’re lacking in holiday cheer, you’re far from alone

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By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Emily Benito

The holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and cheer, but for many people it can also create added stress or anxiety.  Some people may struggle with planning, family and trying to meet expectations.

Shopping, hosting dinners, running last minute errands, traveling and the social environment of the holidays can become too much. Clinical psychologist and Associate Professor Dr. John Burkhardt said setting reasonable and attainable expectations will create a less stressful holiday.

“I think the one thing that gets overlooked at this time of year is being grateful for things,” said Burkhardt. “A really big key for mental health is the practice of gratitude. Sometimes it might be nice to take a minute and really take inventory of your year and really talk about it.”

The holidays can also be difficult if a family has suffered the loss of a family member. Grief takes time.

“If you know it’s going to be tough for somebody, you can just say something simple like ‘Hey, I know you lost both your grandma and grandpa this year. If there is something that you need from me, please let me know,’ ” Burkhardt said.

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