If you’re hitting the water for Memorial Day, here’s how to do it safely

Memorial Day weekend is a much-anticipated holiday for families and it’s one of the busiest work days all year for law enforcement across Alabama.

“Memorial Day is normally the kickoff to the summer,” said Alabama Law Enforcement Senior Tropper Freddie Ingram.

From his 18 years of patrolling area waterways, Ingram has some advice so families can enjoy a fun and safe weekend on the water.

“When you are operating on the waterway, treat the waterway like it is a highway, a line down the middle,” Ingram said. “Stay on your side and hopefully everybody will stay on their side.”
He cautioned boaters to observe their surroundings and make sure they’re aware of what it takes to stop before they get to another vessel.
Most importantly, Ingram advised boaters to use US Coast Guard-approved life jackets, calling them “the main things that are going to keep you alive on these waterways.”
He said he has knocked on too many doors and told too many people their family member went missing on the water because they were not wearing a life jacket.
Richard Harwood has been coming to Lake Tuscaloosa his whole life. Now coming with three grandkids in tow, being cautious is his top priority.
“Have a good time and enjoy the water,” Harwood said. “But let’s do it safely.”
As a reminder, alcohol is not permitted on the Tuscaloosa waterway. Click here for more information on Lake Tuscaloosa, and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s rules for safe boating.
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