Star Id

By WVUA 23 Reporter Lacey Beasley

Beginning Oct. 1, the new Star ID be required for domestic air travel without a passport and will also needed to enter certain military bases and regulated federal buildings.

But a lot of people are still unaware of the new identification form and what it entails. A Star ID is an upgraded version of an official driver’s license or identification card that features a star on the card signifying the card holder has presented documents verifying their identity following a tougher standard than a basic driver’s license or ID card.

The new card’s purpose is reducing fraud and fighting terrorism.

To get the new ID, residents must bring documents verifying their date of birth, social security number and two forms proving their address. Only Alabama State Trooper posts offer the ID.

While the goal is increasing security, some Tuscaloosa residents have concerns regarding the potential cost and hassle of gathering documents for that gold star.

“Your driver’s license still expires,” said Northport resident James Layton. “They don’t extend them, even though they charge you the full amount for the 4 years. So if you have six months to go on your license, you’re paying $38 for six months?”

U.S. residents with a passport can use their passport to travel domestically after Oct. 1 instead of getting a Star ID.

If you don’t have a Star ID after Oct. 1 and don’t have a passport, the Transportation Security Administration may not let you through security at an airport.

For more information about the Star ID and to check the documents required, visit alea.gov.

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