Story by WVUA 23’s Mike Royer.

Restaurants and their employees are struggling to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fish Market, one of Birmingham’s oldest and most successful restaurants, has had to adjust to the times.

“I mean, you wouldn’t think in your wildest dreams something like this is gonna happen,” said George Sarris, the owner of The Fish Market. “We thank God now we’ve got some money to pay the employees, we’re going to try to bring quite many back, we have about 20 to 25 back already.”

Like many others, George Sarris and his family are doing the best they can with to-go orders. On Friday they implemented a new to-go order door. It is one of the many measures the restaurant has taken to keep serving customers. Dino Sarris, George’s son, has had to be more hands on with all parts of the business since the pandemic started.

“We were talking the other day and it’s one of those times, and for the first time we have our hands on everything,” Dino Sarris said. “I’m changing paper towel dispensers and I’ll clean a toilet if I have to and that’s what you have to do in these times and that’s been a training in and of itself.”

Although The Fish Market has been able to survive, and will be able to survive into May, the owners don’t know if the restaurant would be able to continue if conditions continue the way they are currently into June.

Dino Sarris remains optimistic, and is already thinking about when things return to normal and customers can dine-in at his restaurant.

“Looking out the dining room and seeing families and friends enjoying, you know, the common ground of eating at restaurants, you know I think that’s something that we’ve all learned to love and we’ve taken it for granted and this is a good reminder that this is something special,” Dino Sarris said.

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