Hurricane Sally Strikes Gulf Shores


Like to so many Gulf Coast residents, Joe Curlette rode out slow-moving Hurricane Sally from home.

Curlette lives in Gulf Shores, where wind gusts reached up to 125 mph.

“The wind was the biggest part of it because we couldn’t see the water rising,” he said. “I live on an island called Plash Island.”

Curlette said before the eye came over it was a deluge of rain and howling wind.

“The wind was just gusting,” he said. “You would get it from all directions.”

Wednesday morning there was debris all over his front door. That never happens, he said.

“You can tell from the debris laying around that it wasn’t a tornado, but the wind was blowing in different directions as it was making its rounds over us.”

It was a lot of noise. Not tornado freight train loud, but constant blowing, he said.

Daylight exposed the widespread damage to homes, businesses and boats.

“Thank heavens that as far as I know, there have been no injuries reported here at Sailboat Bay,” Curlette said. “Thank goodness, I walked around the whole place checking on everybody that I could. Everyone is doing fine. So, thank heavens for that.”

When WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton spoke to Curlette, he said the cleanup process and neighborly assistance has already begun.

“That’s how it is in communities like this, “Curlette said. “I am sure we are having a big barbecue or fish fry soon if the power doesn’t come on, but that will be okay. Everybody does things to help everybody else. It’s a close-knit community. ”

Sally is the first hurricane to make landfall in Alabama since Hurricane Ivan, which hit in the same spot Sept. 16, 2004.

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