Huntington Place Elementary celebrates Inclusive Schools Week

The first week of December is Inclusive Schools Week, and Huntington Place Elementary School hosted a weeklong celebration and recognition of those who may be a little different.

Part of the celebration included a “brag board,” boasting hundreds of good deeds and examples of students being inclusive at Huntington Place Elementary.

As part of Inclusive Schools Week, students wore different colors in support and for awareness of various disabilities.

Monday was red for dyslexia, Tuesday was orange for ADHD, Wednesday was blue for Down syndrome and autism, Thursday was purple for epilepsy and Friday was green for visual impairments.

Some students said they haven’t always been treated nicely.

“At my old school, I used to get bullied a lot,” said HPES student Anastasia Sanchez. “They said I was small like a mouse.”

When things like bullying do happen, Sanchez said she gives herself a little reminder.

“I just tell myself in my mind that even though I am different from others I don’t care if I am different,” she said. “I am beautiful, kind and brave.”

This week students have been learning about including everyone despite physical, social, and learning differences.

“Some people have some sort of disabilities,” HPES student Shelby Lockhart said. “Some can’t walk, some can’t talk. Sometimes it is hard for them to communicate with others. You want to be nice to them so you can make new friends. You really need to be nice to people to support them and make them happier and all that.”

Crawford Wilson is in the fourth grade at Huntington Place Elementary, and he reminded all of us that these aren’t just behaviors practiced one week a year at his school. There’s something they live by here all year round. It’s called the Wildcat Way.

“The Wildcat Way means being honest, kind, compassionate, respectful, and responsible,” Wilson said.

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