“it was meant to be a joyous occasion but that’s not what it turned out to be not at all,” Brookwood High School junior Zack Wozniak said when talking about his homecoming experience Friday night.

We’re told hundreds of students were denied access into the school’s dance for wearing inappropriate attire.
Monday, students protested near the high school, holding signs and chanting.

Although the Brookwood High School handbook cannot be viewed online right now, parents and students told WVUA 23, female students attending the dance were told to refer to these rules when choosing homecoming attire.

Dress must be formal, short or long, appropriately fitting and modest.
Hemlines or slits must be no shorter than two inches above the knee with no extreme low backs, necklines visible straps or cutouts below the traditional bra line.
Strapless and spaghetti straps are allowed if they follow the previous rules.
The dresses you’ll see throughout this story are just a few of the dresses we’re told were turned away.
Bailey Freeman and her dad Wayne both said they never imagined her homecoming dress would be deemed inappropriate.
“It was very disappointing and degrading. it was very offensive and it hurt not just me but a lot of other girls that we were being judged in dresses we thought were appropriate that our parents had let us go out in and female teachers had let us go out in.”
“For her to be turned away was not only bad for her but it was an insult to me and my wife that obviously we didn’t know how to send our daughter out with appropriate clothing.”

Brookwood senior Sarah Gearhart tells WVUA she wore the same dress she wore to last year’s dance, but did not get the same acceptance.
“They told me I could not wear it. It took me putting on a jacket that covered up most of my dress to be able to get into the dance. I don’t understand why they didn’t tell us before if they changed the dress code. I don’t understand why they could feel okay standing in those doors watching the rest of us cry because I’m not going to lie, I cried,” Gearhart said when talking about her final homecoming experience.

Some Brookwood students have started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to host their own homecoming dance where they told us a less strict dress code will be enforced.

The Tuscaloosa County School System just happens to have already had a community forum event scheduled for Tuesday night at Brookwood High School starting at 6:00.
That event is open to the public.
All the school system could tell us Monday is that they are looking into the dress code matter.

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