Humane Society celebrates Thanksgiving with dog-friendly dinner

Thanksgiving For Dogs

Millions of Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, but some of our four-legged friends at the Humane Society of West Alabama got a jump start on the annual feast this week.

The dogs staying at HSWA’s dog house are all looking for their forever home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spoiled every now and again.

Kenneth Robinson and Paula Burmood are in charge of caring for the canines at the house they call home, too. Last year they decided to prepare a dog-appropriate Thanksgiving meal for the pups sharing their home. It was such a success they did it again this year.

“We’re doing an all-natural thing for the dogs today,” Robinson said. “We wanted to cook everything they could eat that would be healthy for them, so we fixed brown rice, a roasted turkey with no seasonings and sweet potatoes, which is great for a dog’s digestive system.”

Being in the South, cornbread was also a must-have on the menu.

So one by one, plates were prepared and passed around. But no dinner guest was more excited than the aptly named Shimmy, who couldn’t contain her excitement.

HSWA Board Member Tina Miller said offering pets people food is OK in moderation, as long as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like onions or grapes.

“They wanted to cook everything, and chose only dog-friendly foods,” Miller said. “It was just the best fun, and the dogs enjoyed it so much.”

If eating Thanksgiving dinner was an Olympic event, the pups would have all walked off with the gold. In fact, there were some concerns that they wouldn’t stop at the food.

“We were actually concerned about some of the dogs eating the plate as well because the smell is still on the plate,” Miller said. “So, we were thankful that they didn’t all eat the plate.”

So Freddie, Darla, Emma, Josie, Lucky, Shimmy, Libby, Lucas and Daisy had quite the Thanksgiving. The only thing better would be if they spend the next one in their forever home.

“We always say ‘adopt, don’t shop,’ ” Miller said. “If you are considering a new pet, please consider adoption.”

You can check out all the animals available for adoption at HSWA right here.

thanksgiving for dogs

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