Human remains identified as Demopolis missing man

Demopolis is a small, close-knit city. Foul play is not something that happens often.

Damon Gibson was reported missing on Aug. 18, 2022. Eight months later, Gibson’s family and this community finally have some answers.

“Human remains found off of Powe Road were identified as Damon Gibson,” said Demopolis Police Chief Rex Flowers.

Investigators are still tight lipped about this investigation, but said several witness accounts and cooperation from the public were crucial to them being able to charge 36-year-old Michael Steven Bozeman with Gibson’s murder.

“We do know that they did know each other,” said Sgt. Paul Johnson. “I would call them acquaintances. Certainly any time there is a death, you would say there is some sort of issue that has occurred. But at this point in time, we won’t give specifics on that information.”

The area off Powe Road in Demopolis is still laced with crime scene tape because this is the area in which the remains were found, but police are not releasing how the think he got here.

“They met there at the Demopolis Fitness Center, and we can say they were there together. Not in the same vehicle, but they did come together and believe left together,” Johnson said. “From the evidence we have shows they left there and relatively soon after there went to Powe Road and that’s where Gibson’s remains were found.”

There are still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to this case. And although the outcome is one of loss for all involved, investigators are proud to have gotten some closure for this family and community.

This is first homicide in the city of Demopolis since April 30, 2022.

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